The Best Pre-Workout Herbal Teas

If you're like me, you love to start your day with a nice cup of tea. But did you know that herbal teas can also be great as a pre-workout drink? Herbal tea infusions have been gaining traction as an effective, natural energy drink. Often referred as a healthier alternative to coffee, herbal teas can provide the boost of energy you need while avoiding the crash that comes with caffeine overload. Whether it's peppermint tea or greek mountain tea, herbal teas are known for their natural balance of nutrients and low levels of caffeine.




So if you want to fuel up pre-workout without relying on coffee, herbal tea may just be your go-to beverage! From lemon verbena to Cretan Dittany, herbal tea provides a range of flavors and benefits that can help get you going for the day ahead. It might just become your new pre-workout routine!




Tea can provide an instant boost of energy thanks to its unique combination of antioxidants, and other stimulants. The antioxidants in tea help to reduce inflammation and fight free radicals that can sap energy levels. Some types of herbal teas, in particular, are packed with L-theanine, which helps to regulate the stimulating effects of caffeine. This amino acid also helps improve mental clarity and calmness to better handle stressors throughout the day. Herbal Tea is also full of polyphenols, powerful plant-based compounds link to increased mental acuity, improved moods, and higher energy levels.




Studies have found that people who consume polyphenols show improved cognitive performance and decreased fatigue during physical activities. Finally, tea contains a host of micronutrients including Vitamin B6 which plays a role in helping the body produce hemoglobin for carrying oxygen throughout the body; this process helps give us renewed vitality and increased energy levels. All these benefits make drinking tea a great choice for getting energized and staying alert throughout your day!


Here are some of my favorite herbal teas to drink before hitting the gym!

1. Rosemary tea may increase your energy levels and stamina during exercise

If you feel like you need a quick energy boost, consider drinking rosemary tea before your workout. Not only does it have calming and restorative properties that can help reap the benefits of physical activity, but the natural spike of energy promotes better endurance while exercising. Research literature further proves the stimulative effects of rosemary extract on increasing levels of alertness and positively affecting people’s energy status. So, next time you want to go for a run or take on an intense yoga class instead of reaching for a cup of coffee, try sipping some rosemary tea - it might just give you the extra surge of strength you need to keep going!


rosemary pre workout tea


2. Peppermint tea may help improve your breathing during exercise

Peppermint tea is an age-old remedy that doesn't get enough credit these days. Its health benefits, including its ability to help improve your breathing during exercise, are often overlooked. When sipped before or after physical activity, peppermint tea helps relax the airways and decrease airway resistance in the lungs. This means that more oxygen can pass through to the lungs and muscles, allowing for easier breathing as you exercise - whether you're running a marathon or playing a pickup game of basketball with friends. Not only will this tea help you increase your performance in the short term, but also long term as your airways and respiratory system become healthier and more conditioned with continued use. And if all of this wasn't already great news, on top of improving breathability and performance when exercising, peppermint tea may also provide other health benefits such as aiding digestion and helping reduce stress levels.


peppermint pre workout tea


3. Greek Dittany may improve your focus and concentration while working out

Greek Dittany is an herbal product that can improve your concentration and focus while working out. It is a refreshing and powerful tonic which contains many health benefits unique to ancient herbal medicine. O-dihydro-carvone, the active ingredient, has been found to be effective in improving neuronal plasticity and promoting brain activity. Furthermore, studies show that it can help with overall mental resilience, making it ideal for anyone looking to get the most out of their exercise routine. With its ability to soften stress, heighten alertness and enhance cognitive performance, this natural supplement provides a safe solution for athletes who want to stay on top of their game.


cretan dittany pre workout tea




4. Greek mountain tea may improve your overall vitality and immune system

Greek mountain tea, also known as sideritis or ironwort, has a long-standing history with many renowned medicinal uses. This herbal tea is now gaining particular attention for its ability to boost overall vitality and immune system health. Studies have shown that drinking Greek mountain tea can provide anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and antioxidant effects which are vital for building up your body's natural defenses against illness. It can also be helpful in relieving stomach pain, aiding digestion and reducing stress levels. Taste wise, drinkers note that the tea has a lightly sweet and subtly floral flavor which you won't find in any other kind of herbal beverage. So if you're looking to give your body an extra boost of natural energy without excessive caffeine, Greek mountain tea is a great choice!


greek mountain tea pre workout


5. Caltrop (tribulus terrestris) may increase your energy levels and virility

Going through life feeling exhausted and lacking enthusiasm can be debilitating. If you are looking for a natural way to boost your energy levels and invigorate your mind, caltrop could be the answer. Found primarily in India and Asia, this plant has long been used for its medicinal properties. It is known to promote vitality and vigor in men, as well as increase physical strength and libido. Research also indicates that it may help improve circulatory health, regulate hormones, aid digestion, and protect against inflammation. With its multitude of benefits, Tribulus (caltrop) could be an easy choice to get your energy back up again so you can take on the world with renewed vitality and enthusiasm!


caltrop preworkout tea


Herbal teas have been around for centuries and are still a popular drink today. They offer numerous health benefits and can also be great as a pre-workout drink. We’ve shared some of our favorite herbal teas that can help improve your energy levels, stamina, breathing, focus, concentration, vitality, and immune system. So put herbal teas in your life weather you are an athlete or just a tea lover!






Author: Michail Spanos, MD, Post Doctoral Research Fellow at Mass General Hospital, Harvard Medical School





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